Affiliate Program



Our Affiliate Referal Program is simple and straightforward: 

You spread the words on the great deals that we offer 

For every successful transaction referred by your business or non-business channel, you will be rewarded with store credit or cash. 

Commission rate starts from 8% and increases as the number of successful transactions increases. 


To become an affiliate is as easy as ABC. Simply register a normal account with us. After you have signed in, on your account page, click Affiliate Orders. You will see Your affiliates ID is xx. The ID is used for creating unique affiliate links. 


Creating an affiliate link could not be easier. The format of the link is 


Just select any URL that you find on our website, and append ?ref=ID. 

For example, the top banner links to the home page: 

Simply append ?ref=ID to it, and it becomes: 



What you need to do next is place links to our website on your blog, forum, website, facebook, youtube and anywhere else you have access to. 


Share your affiliate links anywhere:

on your website: by posting links in your articles, on your pages 

on forums you frequent: by adding those links in your signature or in your posts (if allowed)

tell your friends about Us by giving them your affiliate links 

post blog articles about the products we sell and recommend our store, using your affiliate links 

anything you can think of: use your imagination!


When someone clicks your affiliate link, their web browser will "remember you". If they place an order with us after clicking one of your links, the sale will be attributed to you and you will receive 8% of the total order amount (excluding shipping). The money you receive comes under the form of store credit, but as soon as your balance exceeds £50 you will be able to withdraw your store credit as actual cash.



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